Here is a comprehensive guide to everything you need to know. If your question is not included in this list,  get in touch with us!

  • Do you offer private lessons?

    We offer private classes in BJJ . Click here to be redirected to our contact page. Please call our academy if you’re interested in booking a private class with  our instructors.

  • I forgot my belt, may I train without a belt?

    No, you may not train without a belt. We kindly ask that you train in a complete uniform.

  • What will I do on my first class?

    On your first class you will learn the basic movements for the warm up, then you will take part in the class and we will get you started at your own pace.  You are free to sit out of parts you aren’t yet comfortable with and are fully in control of your class all through your Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey.

  • Will you lend me a gi (uniform) for my first class?

    We can lend a gi and just wear ordinary work out clothes .

  • Do I have to wash my gi after every class?

    Yes as the gi’s get very sweaty and must be washed after every class.  We recommend washing them at 30C with some antibacterial powder.

  • What is the minimum term for a membership?

    We want everyone possible to train . While we don’t think people appreciate things that are free we don’t want people not to train because they can’t afford it. We will be flexible about memberships (rates, length of contracts and cancellation)provided the student makes a level of commitment to the Academy.

  • How can I pay? 

    Payments for the main memberships are direct debit or credit card, or accept cash.

  • When can I cancel?

    You can cancel if you are not happy with anything.

  • If I get injured or can’t train for over a month can I pause the membership?

    Yes you can freeze your membership.