What Is The Best Age For Kids To Start Jiu-Jitsu?

We often meet parents who have questions about enrolling their children in Brazilian jiu-jitsu? Is it ok for a child at the age of 4/5 or 12 to practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu? Are they ready? Is it dangerous for them? What will happen if theydo not enjoy competing with each other?

We have some answers. First of all, we welcome beginners from all ages to experience and practice Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. And of course, it is completely safe for children when taught in the right manner. Children should never be overwhelmed with technique or practice since their real joy comes from the element of play.

Now,more than ever, kids and teens need a regular screen and technology free period of play and exercise scheduled into their daily routines. Interacting without these distracting and potentially detrimental and time consuming habits is enough of a reason for them to try Jiu-Jitsu. We as parents are having the same struggle as we all have nowadays. We are trying to keep our kids engaged and to find ways to reduce screen time in a healthy manner. Many of our kids and teens are now also struggling with genuine inattention, distraction and learning isue.

Brazilian jiu-jitsu empowers children with precious life lessons as well as teaching them how to defend themselves. Kids today learn everything by watching and listening. In an activity like Brazilian jiu-jitsu which does not promote striking, they will have the chance to gain self-confidence and control. In case of ever increasing bullying, they will act with confidence and choose the option to defend as Brazilian jiu-jitsu encourages.

One of the valuable life lessons that Brazilian jiu-jitsu teaches is the ability to compete. Competition is very much appreciated in BJJ and it benefits children’s social development especially if engaged in a positive field like sports. Some children may need to handled differently in the area of competion,and we handle that with sensitivity on a child by child basis. They should not have to compete unless comfortable.

Hernani Caroço, is a well-known psychologist and graduate of “Instituto Superior de Psicologia Aplicada” with a specialty in underage children and teens. He considers Brazilian jiu-jitsu a martial art which can support children’s positive development physically, socially and emotionally. He also states that it can help the children to cope with their negative emotions such as anger and depression as well as teaching them how to control and manage those emotions.

The most important thing is your child’s willingness. He or she should try a class or two and decide after experiencing. Today might be the right time, or they might want to come back one or two years later. We know that parents always want the best for their kids and Jiu-Jitsu is the best!

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