If I was given a resume and was trying to separate the candidates whether for a job or to accept to a school and saw jiu jitsu listed as an activity this is what I would think:

1. This candidate likes to be challenged by difficult tasks that require character, technique and an open mind to finding solutions ( Venture capitalists are struggling to find engineers including from places as esteemed as MIT and Cal Tech because PhDs struggle to be good problem solvers.)

2. This candidate has demonstrated the ability to persevere uncomfortable situations. Jiu jitsu is a journey. Parts of that journey are difficult. You have to be able to cope and see your way through until your mentality amd technique improve.

3. This person can function in a group setting. This person can engender trust with his group to achieve both group and individual goals. The nature of jiu jitsu requires one to work to attain one’s own goals while also contributing to the overall improvement of the group.